Our trainer, Gábor Czinke

I am Gábor Czinke, I have practiced martial arts since 1993.

czinke_gabor_400.pngI began with karate, then Endre Moró introduced me to Thai-box in his trainings. Later I improved my hand techniques in Jenő Svasznek’s box trainings in KSI. In 2002 and 2003 trainer Árpád „Pumukli” Szabó helped my preparation while starting in 2003, I have practiced Muaythay style with György Rehák in the Re-Gym Club, Budapest. Here, I coach groups of children, beginners and advanced fighters. I also provide personal training on demand.

A few competition results of mine:
Amateur Thai-box Hungarian Championship 2nd, 75 Kg, Nyíregyháza, 2000 April
WAKO Thai-box Hungarian Championship 2nd, 75 Kg, Sopron, 2002 August
WAKO Thai-box Hungarian Championship 2nd, 75 Kg, Debrecen, 2002 September
All martial arts Budapest Championship, Thai-box 2nd, 81 Kg, 2002 December
WAKO Thai-box Hungarian Championship 2nd, 81 Kg, Debrecen, 2003 April
WAKO Thai-box Championship 2nd, 81 Kg, Debrecen, 2005 March
15th Kick-box World Cup 2nd, K-1, 81 Kg, Szeged, 2009 May

My qualifications:

Kick-box sport instructor, 2008
Kick-box trainer, Kick-thai-box specialization, 2013
Sparrowbag instructor, 2014
Trainer, Muay Thai specialization, 2014


My goal is to make my favorite sport appeal to people who are willing to try it, because it is not only a tough and ambitious competitive sport, but it can also provide several kinds of motivation for those who perform this form of motion. I am sure if you take part in a training session, you won’t be disappointed and you will get the opportunity to reach your goals with the help of Muay Thai.

If you start doing thai-box to lose weight, to be fit or recharge your batteries after the gray everyday life, I will help you to find the way. I wholeheartedly recommend it not only for men but also for women, because in addition to its great body- shaping benefits, you will get familiar with an effective self-defense system as well.

Re-Gym club boasts very good teamwork and youth training, I myself have trained young warriors for years from as early as 5 years of age. Each year there is an opportunity for kids, beginners and advanced athletes to participate in training camps. Furthermore, the more advanced muay thai fighters can take part in camps abroad under the coaching of qualified trainers.

All visitors are welcome!

Contact information:
Phone number: +36-20-230-9696
E-mail: thaiboxakademia@fit-club.hu
Website: www.thaiboxakademia.hu