Our trainings

Beginner training

We welcome those who would like to get to know thai-box or would like to relax through the sport, just move, get into good condition or work on their body. People who begin this sport with the intent of competing are also at the right place.

For the first training, bring a comfortable T-shirt, shorts and slippers. For the girls fitness trousers are also suitable. Later you will be able to buy fighting clothes and protective gear in several colors and sizes in the club.


Advanced training

Advance training is suitable for those who know Muay Thai better or are already familiar with “boxing ring” martial arts.


Kid’s training

Dear Parents! We provide many skill-, coordination-, balance- and reflex- improving practices for all the boys and girls who have already reached the age of five and a half or six and are under 14. A lot of games make the exercises more joyful, which thus can also satisfy a kid’s daily needs for movement.

The Thai Boxing Academy provides opportunities for children to compete!


Personal training

We welcome those to apply who cannot fit the time of the group trainings into their schedule or their physical or health conditions do not support group training. It is the right choice if someone has difficulties working in groups, or perhaps would like to reach a more effective result through personal training.